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VPN with data-saver features

T2 Bandwidth Saver is a free VPN application for mobile coming from developer TunnelGuru. Formerly known as Hammer VPN, this service provides privacy protection while web browsing and offers multiple servers to choose from, as well as unlimited bandwidth utilization.

Similar to Hoxx VPN or Psiphon, T2 Bandwidth Saver functions like a VPN proxy more than other fully-featured solutions. It places more focus on keeping users safe while browsing the web. Also, it boasts features and options that will come in handy for those who frequently use their mobile data connections, with its data-saving methods and algorithms.

Browse safely and efficiently

The term 'VPN' has become synonymous with online privacy and protection. Starting out on PCs, the same feature set and functionalities have made their way to the mobile space. However, the majority of them don't account for one crucial factor, and that is smartphone internet connections have limited data to work with. This is something that T2 Bandwidth Saver is looking to address.

T2 Bandwidth Saver features a simple UI that is easy to navigate and use. Do note that it's an ad-supported service, meaning you will be doing such things as watching video ads to earn "balance" needed to keep using it. For your mobile connection's limited bandwidth, it uses data compression algorithms to help reduce usage while passing your traffic through its tunnel protocol for added security.

Servers are automatically selected for you based on your location, but you can always manually set it to a specific location you want. There's a decent selection of servers to choose from. Beyond that, though, this service is pretty barebones feature-wise compared to its modern contemporaries. It really does focus on data saving and not much else, so just keep that in mind.

Less feature for more data savings

To sum up, if you're in need of some basic VPN protection and often rely on your mobile data connection, give T2 Bandwidth Saver a try. It helps you save up on data usage, which will ultimately preserve the limited allocation you have on your data plan. It doesn't offer much else, but that is the price to pay(or not) for its laser-focused feature set.


  • Data compression for usage savings
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Decent server choices


  • Barebones feature set

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